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2015 US textile industry investment boom now

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Beginning of this year, Japan's Toray Industries, Inc. announced it will

invest US $ 1 billion in South Carolina, the development of new carbon

fiber material. As of today, a ten billion of funds raised billions of US

textile investment boom. Textile authority Mr. Bill Smith United States is

deeply surprised. He said that although the United States is the world's

largest textile trade market, how can lead to a large number of Asian

companies are flocking?

As early as in the 50s of the last century, the Japanese products into the

US market is further arranged scoff Americans believe poor product abroad

and swarms. Today, following the Japanese textile industry, electrical

appliances, automobiles and other products to make Japan's economic rise.

Today, labor is no longer a competitive element textile industry market,

the Japanese will be transferred to the textile industry in developing

countries, today there are 85% to 90% of the country's textile products

from China. In addition, the United States even more astonishing things

are still happening in South Carolina.

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