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Cotton prices are distorted textile industry chain storage refers to the whole industry suffering

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 Cotton prices are distorted textile industry chain storage refers to the whole industry suffering

Newspaper reporter survey showed that cotton collection and storage policy, is causing the distortion of the entire chain, high price closes store this model has come to an end. The protection of farmers protection and subsidies, for cotton needs to rethink.

Up to 4500 yuan / ton spread

The State Reserve purchasing and storage policy from 2010. Due to the prior to the cotton market downturn, 2010 international cotton prices skyrocketing, up to 32000 yuan / ton, this leads to had earned a high inventory of the State Reserve. The earlier 10 thousand yuan / ton of cotton purchasing and storage, or up to 2 times.

"The problem is that the state reserve that the prices will become the norm, think of a more earn more, so open to acquisitions, but did not expect a sharp drop in cotton prices after 2011." A senior cotton market who told reporters, in fact, as in 2010 the price of cotton more than 1 U.S. dollars / pounds in the case history only occurred two times, can not be used as the norm.

Higher than the international market price of the acquisition of domestic cotton. Another reason is the protection of the interests of farmers, stable domestic cotton acreage and cotton production, security of domestic cotton supply.

According to the aforementioned senior personage says, in 2011 the cotton work conference, the State Reserve officials that says. "China is a big country of textile and clothing industry, some cotton self-sufficiency rate, assured the development of textile and garment industry, cotton self-sufficiency needs a certain amount of, or will be subject to overseas constraint."

But the current situation is that the domestic cotton prices, is the appreciation of the renminbi, labor costs and other factors, a substantial increase in the cost of raw materials for China's textile and garment industry, the overall low international competitiveness of China's textile and garment industry.

Even if it is in accordance with the current purchase price, according to newspaper reporter in mid November last year for cotton farmers surveys in cotton producing province of Shandong, farmers profit also does not have a comparative advantage, the cotton cotton enthusiasm is not enough. Quota control on the import of cotton, but the breeding of corruption, resulting in the sale of cotton import quotas, and increase the smuggling of cotton.

Because of the presence of the State Reserve and imported cotton huge price difference, the amount of imported cotton naturally become some profit-making tools, the qualification of a ton of imported cotton, sold to 4000 yuan.

Wen Ho Lee (a pseudonym) is a privately run Zhejiang textile enterprises responsible person, his own textile mill and weaving factory, 80% of the products rely on exports. He complained to the reporter, spinning now is not to make money trading, since the implementation of the policy of the State Reserve acquisition has basically does not make money.

"We have a ton of cotton, compared with foreign counterparts to more than 4000, we imported cotton yarn, the price is even lower than the price of cotton, how can we compete?" Li Wen said, "at present only in the hard to maintain them, quite hard. The company can now maintain, maintain a certain export, mainly our skilled workers, more diligent."

Levin said, suppose they need 100 tons of imported cotton, he to the municipal development and Reform Commission (NDRC) for 100 tons of imported cotton qualification, but for first year generally not granted to him, general in the second year will awarded to him, but in general only half the amount of is only 50 tons, but, after examination and approval, to get our hands on may often be only 30 tons. As for the other 20 tons, often to the relationship.

Textile and garment industry dilemma

At present, the cotton spinning enterprises hitherto unknown difficulties.

According to our newspaper reporter, cotton cost occupy cotton yarn factory cost is about 70%, due to the domestic cotton prices than import price of cotton is about 4500 yuan, the cotton textile industry is difficult to maintain, but this maintenance is based on "our workers diligent" based on.

What is more, under the high cost pressures, China's textile and garment enterprises are being forced to give up some orders, the international market share continues to decline. The production of cotton industry chain more in the transfer to Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

High price to endanger, in fact, the whole industry chain of cotton textile industry. A cloth dyeing and printing company responsible for expresses to the reporter, he now received fewer list, company currently only practice "turtle interest Dafa", try to reduce the business, to fight to live, he even hope that one day, RMB devaluation, the company can get the second spring.

Although Wen Ho Lee's own companies are also able to produce cotton yarn, because the country is not currently banned imports of cotton, Levin choice part of the imported cotton, to reduce the cost, he said: "I can't all cotton imports, because you can not let cotton mill workers holiday and now can continue to survive. A small amount of production part of the cotton yarn."

Hangzhou, a cotton textile foreign trade company responsible person is the reporter said 2012 is the most sad day this year, exports more than three percent, but with revenue last year as, and this year the sharp appreciation of the renminbi, company business is made worse. But he believes that has found a way to make a fortune, is that despite the national restrictions on imports of cotton, but there is no limit to cotton imports, he intends to import cotton yarn to obtain profit.

Although Wang Qiang, general manager of Shandong Ruyi cotton textile group does not expect the State Reserve policy is cancelled, but he told reporters said you want a cotton import quota again a bit bigger, the state reserve price and low point.

Wang Qiang said that the new into the textile industry, India and Pakistan production of cotton yarn machine equipment is mostly the latest equipment, than the domestic cotton yarn factory equipment, but also good, the industry

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